Will Candy fight for me?

Candy will stand up and fight for the common man, woman, boy and girl of Louisiana. As a small business owner, you can rest assure that Candy also understands your needs too. Nonprofits are the heartbeat of our communities and Candy will always fight to protect their ability to continue to do good!

Candy is not from a wealthy family and understands the unique struggles that most Louisiana families experience on limited income. One issue remains that those who are elected appear to be more loyal to “Big Businesses” than they are to the common individalas who elected them. Candy understands the issues of small business owners who need to make loans to pay annual taxes, the struggles of balancing the books to make sure your employees are paid, shopping around for the best package benefits for your staff, and concerns of how will your business will survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a nonprofit – Volunteer Executive Director for over eight years. Candy has experienced first hand the enormous struggles of those who have very good intentions, are not seeking self-gain or recognition but are trying to simply do good and meet the unmet needs of their neighbors

Second Amendment Rights

Candy does not want to take away your guns! She herself has completed a Concealed Weapons Class. Candy understands the love and culture of hunting in Louisiana. She will fight for the protection of all and will work to ensure that those who are unstable are not able to possess a weapon.

Candy was raised in rural East Feliciana. She has fond memories of her uncles who were and still remain advent hunters. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addiction Counselor Candy has also seen firsthand, the consequences of mental illness and the wrath that addiction can fuel. Candy will fight for the protection of all and will work to ensure that those who are unstable are not able to possess a weapon.

Small Business issues

As a small business owner, Candy understands what Business Owner ‘s needs are, their risks, their struggles and concerns. Candy often says, “Team Work Makes the Dream Work!” As your elected Congressional representative Candy will be that team member whom you can always count on!

Candy has been a front-line community worker all of her adult life; For years she has routinely linked many employer partners with good employees. Candy has insight that many who are seeking election does not have: She understands the benefit of employment goes well beyond a paycheck for the employee and that the positive consequence of work has a multi-generational effect for the employee’s family.


Candy strongly believes in the survival and success of our famers, both large and especially small. Candy also understands how the tariffs have negatively affected our farmers and how if the crops don’t move the bills still continue. Candy will work hard to get Louisiana growing again and to get Louisiana farm products moving again!

Candy’s maternal grandfather, Johnny Moore was a farmer in rural East Feliciana Parish. Her husband’s grandfather, Earnest Christophe was also a farmer. She knows what it is like to walk in the garden and eat hot watermelon picked right off the vine. Having battled obesity Candy understand the value of eating fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. As a mother and grandmother, she also understands the effect food has on the next generation and how their learning is positively enhanced with eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Reproductive Health

Candy has a strong spiritual foundation and believes that live begins at the beating heart of a fetus. Candy believes that there should be the opportunity for reproductive health for those who need it in life threatening situations, or in the case of rape.

Candy often shares with others the fact that her teenage mother conceived her at the age of 16 and had her at the age of 17 years old. Candy believes that if these circumstances arise that this intimate decision should be one made between the woman, her physician, family, and spiritual advisor alone.

Equal Pay for Women

As an educated woman, Candy will fight for equal pay for women!

Veterans and Military Families

Candy has 3 uncles who have proudly served our country. Today Candy has two daughters who serve in the U.S. Army. Candy will ensure that your sons and daughters are not put in harm’s way unnecessarily. She will look after them and fight to protect them as if they were her own, because they are! Candy has insight like no other candidate as to the needs of our Veterans.

Candy has two uncles served in the U.S. Air Force and one who served in the U.S. Navy. She understands firsthand what it is like to worry when they are away and the direct impact their active duty service status has on the entire family. Candy completed her Master’s degree internship at the V.A. Medical Center in Pineville, La. She has insight like no other candidate as to the needs of our Veterans who have served our county, the V.A. System and its management, and the issues of our Veterans who continue to struggle today. During this internship Candy worked directly with all areas and aspects of the Veteran including but not limited to: Medical floor work, Psychiatric unit, Out Patient Health Clinic, Nursing Home, Homeless Outreach, Substance Abuse, Women Veteran issues, Disability clams, processing and follow up. Candy possess the exact type of insight that is needed to ensure our Military Families and Veterans issues get resolved without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Health Care and Health Care Workers

Candy has been a professional health care worker 25 years. Candy will work beyond exhaustion to ensure that the shortage of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health care workers during our COVID-19 pandemic never happens again!

Candy has experience working in hospitals, small clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, corrections, community based, school based and private practice. She understands the value of and strongly supports the expansion of Medicaid. Not only does it produce jobs, but it prolongs life and the quality of life. Candy often quotes her mother and grandmother by saying, “everybody is somebody’s somebody.” Candy has the unique ability to see the value and worth in everyone, protecting and ensuring health care and its workers are an extension of the effort to value all.

Educators and Retired Educators

Candy will fight to ensure that the future of former educators is secure and enhanced by legislative actions that will evidence love, protection and nurture of them that they once gave to us. Increased pay and Benefits are the key to getting this and next generations committed to being certified educators!

Candy has long had a love for teaching. She was an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University- Alexandria. Her love for teaching continues to date. Candy’s love, admiration and commitment to educators who have invested in her is evident by her continued affectionate contact with her Junior high and high school educators who remain. Candy understands that educators do more than educate! They love, protect, nurture and grow our future leaders. Candy understand certified teacher’s shortage issues and the solutions needed to get more young adults committed to being certified educators.

Loggers and Truckers

Candy’s Dad worked for over 18 years at a paper mill. This industry continues to take hits and blows… Candy remains committed to the protection of this industry. She recognizes the insurance high cost issues and will work for a solution that will be a win-win for all.

Candy understand that whether working in the plant, driving the trucks or actually working in the forest cutting down the trees each job presents an opportunity for the next person to invest in and protect their family. Each job represents the opportunity to make the next generation better and stronger. Each job represents the opportunity for a parent to be able to parent and provide


Candy believes that everyone is deserving of respect and dignity. We all are God's children and that love is to be extended to all and not hate.

Although the LGBTQ form of lifestyle is not right for me. I think their rights should be acknowledged and protected. I believe that people should have the right to be who they are and have the right to love who they chose to love.

Unions and Non- Union Workers

Candy supports unions, because she realizes the essential need to help set standards for education, skill levels, wages, working conditions, and quality of life for workers. Candy will continue to protect unions because they literally represent a successful way of putting “People First” by negotiating higher wages, and offering more protection for our teachers, crafts, industry, professionals and general workers.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor Candy understands the valuable need to work, have safe supportive working environment, and have benefits to ensure the workers are able to stay well. Research supports the benefits of having access to preventive health care, to increase productivity on and off the job. Candy is in favor of the HEROES ACT. You can be well assured that Candy will continue to ensure the protection of unions and of our non-union workers because their success means the prospect of future generations to succeed is assured. We truly are stronger and better together when we put “People First!”